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First Step BuildingDetox Center – 2006

Since 1965, Matt Talbot Recovery Services, Inc. has been serving our community with skill, dedication and compassion. We provide a wide range of behavioral healthcare and social services in CBRFs (State-licensed community-based residential facilities) and in smaller housing units, from Milwaukee to Superior. However, our home base is Milwaukee’s vibrant Central City. Services that we provide include mental health and substance abuse counseling; family reunification services for ex-offenders; assistance with job search; and security and transportation of certain clients of the State of Wisconsin. Although we serve all demographics, the majority of our clients tend to be ethnic minorities. All our services have one primary goal in mind: to enable our clients to repair their lives and become productive and happy members of their community.

First Step Community Recovery Center houses the Milwaukee County Secure Emergency Detoxification Program, and is located at 2835 N 32nd St, Milwaukee, WI 53210. Here at First Step, we believe that every individual deserves a second chance, a chance to take their lives back. Our counselors and case managers utilize cognitive based treatment methodologies, and various educational and evidence-based programming. Take the First Step…”Imagine and Realize a New You!”

Our Orignal CBRF

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Matt Talbot BuildingOur Orignal CBRF – Since 1965!

Our original State-licensed Community-Based Residential Treatment Facility (“CBRF”) is located at 2613 West North Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53205.

A disciplined program – including individual and group counseling, family education, pre-entry and aftercare support groups, and the building of life skills in order to function independently – presented within a positive, supportive environment, is at the core of Matt Talbot’s success.

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