Individualized Counseling

Clinical staff are knowledgeable in the biological and psychosocial dimensions of substance dependence and mental disorders; and have specialized training in behavior management techniques. They provide essential AODA/ Mental Health assessment, treatment planning, and counseling services to motivate each client/patient toward recovery.

Through the use of wraparound, consumer driven care management and peer support approaches, the goal is to ensure strong linkages to the continuing care and treatment these clients require to minimize relapse & recidivism and achieve long term recovery.

At First Step Community Recovery Center each client has individual counseling sessions on a daily basis, with counselors also on-site throughout the day. In these sessions our trained facilitators will work with each client to develop the skills and mindset to rise above addiction and start developing life skills/gain access to key resources for success.

Peer specialists, individuals who have overcome similar addictions, also play a large part in the treatment plan, sharing their experiences and working with clients to again take that first step toward recovery.

Matt Talbot Recovery Services